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Champion CC1051171 Auto Tank Drain

Champion Compressor – CC1051171 – Auto Tank Drain – Automatically
removes water from air receiver upon demand. – eliminates the need for
manual purging.

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Auto Drain Tank

  • Automatic: operates each time compressor cycles – No adjustments needed
  • Requires no electricity – No additional wiring, no additional costs
  • Stainless steel reservoir – Stores condensation without wasting air
  • Built-in large catch sump and strainer – Prevents valve from fouling
  • Stainless and anodized aluminum construction Quality – reduces corrosion
  • Seals made of Teflon and Viton
  • Standard valve rated at 300psi
  • Valve operates without pressure drop in air system
  • Poly tubing for R10/R15 conversion from old style to new style
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