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Roller Assy AVW 4Whl w/X348 Carrier Link

AVW 4-Wheel RCV Roller Assembly with #1 Idler Wheels and X348 Carrier

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SONNY’S Replacement for
AVW™ Conveyor Roller

SONNY’S has taken the AVW roller and redesigned it
for longer wear in the field. We have changed the rear
axle to a 7/8in shaft and drilled and tapped it to
accept a 1/2in bolt. We then had to change the hole
size in the carrier link to 7/8in to accept our larger
axel. Try one of these and you will see the difference
in quality that SONNY’S produces with our CNC machined

*View chart above for replacement part reference

Reference* Quantity Required Item #
A 1 20001705
B 1 20000595
C 2 20004411
D 2 20001128
E 2 20000601
F 1 20001493
G 1 20000845
H 2 20007263
I 2 10004607
J 2 10001354
K 2 10002205
L 2 10010079